Swing tickets and hang tags are subtle yet innovative branding tools that can provide vital product information and project your brand image. Away from your board qualities, material types, artwork and the different cuts and shapes, you need to think about the finish and printing techniques. This is what will help elevate your brand’s product presentation.

Luckily, there are plenty of options out there for you to consider. We’ve listed 10 types of swing tag techniques in this blog to help you choose the right ones.

  1. Matte Lamination
  2. Gloss Lamination
  3. Silk Lamination
  4. UV Spot Finish
  5. Foil Stamping
  6. Metallic PMS Printing
  7. Heat Raised Ink
  8. Embossing
  9. Debossing
  10. Blind Deboss
    Take Your Branded Packaging To the Next Level