Color Magic packaging solution provider for small and medium enterprises in Pakistan. Our aim is to provide high-quality corrugated boxes to all businesses, no matter the size. Thus, we offer a wide range of sizes and designs in our ‘ready to pick’ selection of boxes. For the minimum order quantity of 3000 boxes, we also offer full customization of boxes including size, design, and any kind of printing of Color Magic in compliance with ISO standards). Our Packaging Experts work closely with RPL’s state-of-the-art Quality Lab to recommend the best design and paper combination for your needs. Our aim is to not just make boxes but to add value to your business by recommending packaging designs to increase your sales, protect your product, and to even add to your sustainability goals by offering recycled and recyclable solutions. Whether you are a startup just getting off the ground, a student starting a home business or even someone looking for the right gift, mailer or shifting boxes, Color Magic is the right place for you.